I love the web design community.

October 7, 2013

I recently returned from the An Event Apart conference in Austin. An Event Apart is—in their words—the design conference for people who make websites. They bring in some of the biggest people in the web design industry to talk at the conference. Names like Jeffery Zeldman, Luke Wroblewski, and Ethan Marcotte are known by almost every web designer. Throughout the few days I was in Austin there were many social gatherings including the Dribbble meet up on Sunday night and the awesome opening night party at Frank’s Monday. After going to the conference and talking with the speakers, people attending the conference, and some designers from Austin, I realized something. The web design community is awesome. It’s that simple. I’ve known it for a long time, but my time in Austin really solidified it. I would not want to work in any other industry. There are a lot of reasons that I love working in the web design industry. There is one reason, however, that I think is unique to our industry and which makes our community so amazing and rewarding. It is rare to be in an industry where the most experienced and successful members of the community are so willing to help the rest of us stumbling along in an effort to create something amazing on the web. The awesome speakers at An Event Apart are just a few examples. Individuals like Brad Frost, Scott Jehl, Chris Coyier and the three amigos at Paravel immediately come to mind as well. Brad is one of the most respected individuals in the responsive web design community and yet he has spent countless hours putting together amazing resources on responsive design that he shares freely. Scott has worked on some of the most important web development advancements over the past 10 years and yet will always answer your tweet in a matter of hours and has a GitHub repo with years of code he has written that he shares with the community. Chris runs one of the most well known CSS sites and yet is happy to have a discussion on the best way to build something on the web. Trent, Dave and Reagan have worked on huge projects like the Microsoft site, and yet when I met them at the Dribbble meet-up last Sunday in Austin, they remembered having Twitter conversations together and said to write them anytime I needed help. These guys are just a few examples of people who are big names in our industry and are not just willing, but excited, to help others in our community grow and learn in an effort to make our industry better. How awesome is that? How different is this from so many other industries—even other industries in the design world? I could not be more proud to work in the web design community and I can’t see myself doing anything else. Thank you everyone who makes being part of our industry so fun.

Andrew Pautler